The stars keep blinking out, shuddering and shuttering in their wounded worlds, wrapping unseen landscapes in black, shimmering once and exploding into a nothing so vast it exists only in not existing. Each breath folds against the next and small pieces fracture into atoms, particles of sadness and blackness and it runs into floors, full […]


“Desire becomes surrender. Surrender becomes power.” Joker, Suicide Squad It’s madness, this desire, these thoughts of giving in, giving up all control, submitting to you in ways no one understands. I want to surrender, burn under your grasp, your chains, the binds that twist on my wrists. Relinquish my fear, be yours, show you I […]


I am crystals dissolving in your water. Your currents burst inside, unshackle my wrists, and tear me into something new. Your hands shape my clay, my malleable makeup, and roll me out like dough. Then you cut me apart, slice me into appetizing shapes, and all I want is to find the right size, the […]


You are walking between my pieces again, scuffling about in your slippers, making yourself at home amongst my ashes. You want my thoughts, my feelings, so you pull at them until I let go, watch them tear free, until I relinquish to your heavy whispers. My heart beats, and the ache pulses with new light […]


Voracious need infects me, connects me to the you that populates my dreams. Aching hunger devours my body, infects my mind, eats, chews me up, each time memories break through the waves that drown my fantasies. Sweet, that Wednesday when I first saw your face through grimy window panes through sweaty strangers shouldering each other to […]