I think I’m over the absence infiltrating my days. It’s almost unbearable, the constant wondering when you aren’t wondering at all. It’s so fucking stupid. I want to throw things at the wall, at your head, and I’m getting pissed off. No. I am pissed off and I don’t really have a right or a […]

Right (or Unraveled)

Watch my face as you unravel into chaos. I see you folding and unfolding, pieces tumbling into the empty. Paintings and words cannot capture the roiling rage buried in your belly, the insidious inaction chaining your wrists to vice and lust and pain. I am reaching into the vastness of the sea to find your […]

Screaming and Swearing (because I have nothing left)

I fucking hate this. This unending game of waiting for something to happen. I fucking hate you for not answering me, for dismissing me because it was easier for you. Or maybe it wasn’t easy but you still can sit there silent while I writhe with unsaid words, holding them back like a drunk holds […]