Caught Between

You are the sea reflecting the mood of the sky. Sometimes, your gray surface churns out white-capped anger slashing the shores with your pain as the slate sky presses down on your shoulders. And sometimes, the blue above brightens your skin, turning your waves into toys for children, into splashing, blue joy, and I’m caught […]

Out of Reach

Like most things, it’s just too far, just beyond my fingertips. I reach and, like most things, it disappears as fast as it arrived. The sea. The sky. Your words. Your eyes. They recede, the waves pulling away, scared of the permanence of the earth, afraid of the still, terrified of losing all that movement […]

Edge of Earth

She noticed how the ocean hugged the shoreline in gentle curves and steep embraces in the same way he had once held her. Watching the waves from her porch always brought her back to times where she hadn’t been so alone, so absent from the world, so gone from people’s memories. Out here on the […]

Capture Me

Pictures capturing imaginary moments we almost spent and I wonder if you picture them through time’s hazy goggles, your eyes glossed over with wished for events and desired memories. Your fingers move up the frets, the strings vibrating your pain, releasing the agony trapped in your soul. I see pieces falling through lyrics you think […]


Orange flames lick the chilly salt air sending red sparks floating and flickering into the night. Beyond the firelight, ocean waves form little peaks and crash on the shore in lazy curls. Sitting huddled together in the warmth, he holds her, their fingers twined beneath a tattered quilt. Her blonde hair dances in the crisp […]


Your eyes are singing to me in my sleep. Dreamy melodies drift from your gaze and serenade me with promises of nighttime love that won’t come true but still, I listen. When skies turn grey, you keep my heart wrapped up in yours, soothing my bitter ache even though your arms are apparitions in the […]