Love and Obscurity

Beauty hides everywhere but love is rare, precious in its obscurity of knowing yet not knowing. But I see it sometimes, underneath coffee shop awnings and in hot steamy cups. It’s there in those moments before the sky cracks open with summer rain. You can find it in long weekends away and cozy blankets on […]


Blonde fields burnished red in the evening sun, spindly tree branches stretch out and creak like old men’s bones, and why does everything seem so beautiful from far away? Mountains look like paintings and people like perfection. We can reach out and almost grasp the beauty, the unreality, the imagined happiness trapped inside the fresco […]

Anxiety (or Butterflies in Flight)

Butterflies flutter to life when anxious minutes elapse. My stomach turns outside like an elevator ride to hell, all flips and turns and heat. Jazz dancers play out routines on my insides and heart races, stutters, races. I am a jungle gym of swinging, kicking feet, an amalgamation of wings and heels and hands and […]