Wanted: Guide to Life 

I need the instructions, a book to tell me what to do. Some sort of manual with directions not so obscure as religion and its insistence on faith. I don’t do faith. Life has taught me better. But a textbook would be nice, something with lessons and practical applications. Because I can’t see straight and […]

Human: A Journal Entry 

To those who listen: It’s not the same anymore. I’m not excited in all the ways that matter. I’ve tried to be, to find ways to make me want to, to make me interested, but it’s like before. My body rejects people. Physically rejects them. When the heat is gone, the thing, whatever it might […]

No. More.

A cavern. No. Bigger. A canyon cracked its way through my chest, and it cut my heart in half. Or maybe smaller. It bulldozed, slaughtered my heart, crumbled it into a million particles, and it drug them across my body and out into the air. Now I am holes. No. Emptier. Black holes of forgotten […]

A Little Truth 

I always feel so alone even when there are people everywhere. I always feel unwanted, broken, discarded, no matter the situation, and I’m not sure how to shake the negative self-talk, to use an overused buzz word. I’ve never felt strong even though I know I am, and that’s insane, right? To know yet not […]


I’m a broken person, a shattered pile of bleached bones, and I can’t put myself back together. You’re angry and it’s my fault and I don’t understand why it’s affecting me so. You’re buried inside me. You’ve always been there. I carry you around like a secret and it hurts when you’re gone. It hurts […]


His shadow split long ago into black and white, leaving him in the deep gray of in between. Each step tears him a bit more, and he can’t stitch himself back together quick enough to make a difference. His thread thins into gossamer, a line so tenuous it trembles as it binds, cracks as it […]