Crescendos and Falls

The blocks don’t fit together anymore. My child’s fingers clutch at wood and primary paint, yet I can’t seem to grasp their meaning, the significance in the letters. I’m torn, shreds of me lying on the floor, in between the blocks of my life, the crumbling bits of who I was and who I am […]

The Sargasso Sea

My body no longer feels like mine, but more so my mind is adrift in this dark ocean, this underwater trench where light vanishes among the pitch. And it’s change that has broken me, warped me, tied me in the chains of a truth I hardly recognize. I am the Sargasso Sea, deep and churning, […]

Break the Rules

I can’t write with rules or restrictions. Sonnets and haiku and caesuras, enjambment and meter and sapphics. I need s        p         a         c         e to stretch my arms and twist my words into whatever shape they find. I cannot hold to these rhyme schemes and stanza forms and rhythmic patterns penned by the greats and […]