Cart and Rope

I always put the cart before the horse, as they say, or perhaps take a leap and realize I never hung the rope. It’s in my blood–irrationality, chaos, running. My parents ran–away from others, away from each other, away from us. We’ve all just been running through fire for so long that each step is […]

The Shedding of Pieces 

The things we leave behind are also the things we carry. We slough off the people and places we outgrow, shake free from stale ideas and antique dreams, yet these fragments we try to lose are the scaffolding on which we live, grow, love, die. Without the shedding of pieces, we would not be ourselves, […]


My scars creep out from beneath my sleeves, and I’m choking on the ropes wrapped around my neck. They bite and twist, leaving their red marks on my throat because they, like you, only care for the pain, yet I sing out from the gallows as the rope cinches tighter about me, while the water […]


I’m crumpled up, my withered bones cracking, splintering into windy days. I am separate, shadowed, bleached out by wicked rays and evil lines splashed between beautiful ones, and these windows open and slam shut on my fingers, and I’m over here bleeding again, breathing again, surviving again on your fumes. ~ Patience Facebook Twitter

Open Windows

I want this in a way that’s foreign, hard, speechless. The desire to be here, in these binds, beneath these places you inhabit weighs me, chains me like swimming with bricks, like flying without wings. You say there’s this window I can climb through, but all I see is broken glass and my feet already […]


I think I’m over the absence infiltrating my days. It’s almost unbearable, the constant wondering when you aren’t wondering at all. It’s so fucking stupid. I want to throw things at the wall, at your head, and I’m getting pissed off. No. I am pissed off and I don’t really have a right or a […]