Take a Picture

“Take a picture,” he said, the white tassle of the Santa hat dangling in his eyes. I stared, not wanting him to see the desire hiding beneath my skin. His muscles tensed turning his tattoos into even more grotesque images of skulls and goblins, but I had always thought those pictures beautiful because they lived […]

And It’s Christmas Eve

I wonder if you’re left-handed and then I keep thinking this is something I should know but I don’t remember ever seeing you write. How can I love someone and not know what hand they favor? That seems absurd but nonetheless, my breath catches on the words left unsaid, those lingering moments of ephemeral completeness […]

Christmas and Bus Rides

It’s raining again and it makes me think of you even though we never knew the rain together. That roof-shaking shower that turns the world gray and black and moody comes in on stampede feet and tramples my jolly. Those holiday houses blur behind the drops and I wonder what Christmas is like in Florida. […]

Christmas Two Ways

Snowflakes tumble, stumble through frozen air. Exhalations fold into frosty clouds of winter. My Christmas– ice and below zero and giant parkas to hide. Warm breezes blow, flow over the soft sand. Sticky air sits on skin kissed by winter sunshine. Your Christmas– heat and ocean and shorts to relax. My cold fingers twisting with […]