This swirling mess of bedazzled matter chokes on its own infinite cask – rebelling and rappelling from the salinated fetishes digging cancerous holes beneath a veneer of complacence. Inward – staunched and blanched- I see arms and hands, instruments of connection that reach out and recoil under the pain of rejection… under the guise of […]

Sweet Desolation 

They always come back eventually. They wander in and wait for their ghosts to destroy me, or they sit there wrapping themselves in glass blankets made from the wreckage I’ve created. Either way, we are both shattered, broken beyond fixing, yet we pick up our pieces, what’s left of our minds, hearts, bodies, and come […]

Happy Disaster

You always tasted mahogany rich, sweet smoke without the burn. Your skin would warm, stiffen beneath my touch, the smirk never leaving your lips. You call me a happy disaster, a good girl, and I dissolve in your voice, the deep timbre of your words echoing through my body, reminding me of your fingers clenched […]


Gravity presses today, pushes against my bones, my fingers. It weighs me to the ground and I can see the space, the outer spaces where my hands were your hands, my ridges were your ridges, and we didn’t need gravity to keep us in place, airborne and free even as we held each other down, […]

Together We Are Not Alone

Too many shards of my heart get lost in the effervescence tediously placed here by your ever-present relapsing remedy Waiting for your enduring words voiced Among the cacophony and rising above the endless distance No miles could separate our love teeming with abundance Apart we are lonely stanzas dreaming of connection but, together, nothing can […]


Everything is for connection. Our words, our movements, our choices. We seek to touch, hold, feel each other through any means we can grasp. Yearning for fingertips, lips, ears– we search for translation without underestimation. We desire foundation without frustration. Connection merged with appreciation, of our thoughts, our beauty, our individuality. But, devices distract and […]