Dancing: A Conversation in My Head 

“I love this song.” “It’s a good one.” “You should dance with me.” “That’s not what we do.” “I know. But, so what?” “It might change things for you in ways that are dangerous.” “I know, but anything with you is.” “True. But you know my thoughts on us moving past our agreed upon relationship.” […]

Return: A Conversation in My Head 

“Why are you back?” “What do you mean? I never left.” “Yes, you did. You left that day in the hotel. You said it was done. Never again. I’m pretty sure those were your exact words.” “Things change.” “That’s a non-answer.” “Fair enough.” “I fucking hate when you say that.” “I know.” “So, tell me […]

Crazy–A Conversation in My Head 

“What are we doing here?” “I don’t know. It’s fucking crazy. That’s all I know.” “I know it is. So why? Shouldn’t we be running the other way, swimming upstream instead of letting the rapids pull us under?” “Yeah, but we’re not. Falling is much easier than fighting. I should know.” “You’ve been fighting your […]

Gone–A Conversation in My Head

“It’s gone. All of it. The pieces, the flaws, all those tiny trademarks that made me. They’re gone. Everything.” “I know.” “But why?” “Who’s to say?” “How can that be your answer?” “It just is. Like all things, I suppose.” “I don’t know how I lost myself, how this person here with you is even […]

Lunch Date: A Conversation in My Head 

“I was thinking about something you said.” “Oh, yeah?” “Yeah. You asked if we’d ever been just friends, and I’ve been thinking about that.” “And what have you concluded?” “I think we’ve always been whatever this is. I mean, when I first met you, I was attracted to you. I remember that.” “So do I.” […]

Looking: A Conversation in My Head 

“Have you stopped yet?” “Stopped what?” “Looking.” “For what?” “For me.” “Why does it matter?” “It doesn’t, not really.” “Then why did you ask?” “Curiosity, of course. Why else?” “I look. Still.” “Why do you look?” “Why do you ask so many fucking questions?” “Why are you being petulant again?” “Because I no longer belong […]

Goodbye: A Conversation in My Head

“It’s over now, isn’t it?” “Yes, I believe so.” “All of it? The talking too? Because that’s what I miss out of everything.” “We can still talk. How are you dealing with the rest of it?” “Better than I could be. Worse than I should be.” “How do you mean?” “I mean that it hurts, […]

That Real Conversation

“I can’t get over it.” “I know. I’m sorry.” “I am too.” “Maybe it’s best if we just give up. Do our best and just try and forget about it.” “How can you say that? After everything? I don’t know how to do that.” “It just seems like it’s what should happen. I mean, it’s […]

He Asks, She Answers: A Conversation

“That was us, wasn’t it?” “What?” “That movie montage. The one of all their moments. C’mon. You saw it.” “Yeah. So?” “That was us. Once. Wasn’t it?” “Maybe.” “I think that’s why I can’t move on.” “What do you mean? A movie montage? Explain.” “Well, I guess that’s how I see us, all full of […]

Conversations in My Head

“Say you’ll remember me. Say that you will kiss me again even if it’s just a lie.” With my head on your chest, your heart beats, rhythmic sounds that scramble my own pounding heart, and I touch your cheek and make you promise. “Say you won’t forget these tangled moments where we lived forever in […]