Beautiful Nightmares

I have these nightmares disguised as dreams where we are cooking dinner together, music playing, loud, and your laugh fills me up each time it rings out; we dance and eat and make love until we are blurry and exhausted. Or where we are driving up some country road lit with dappled sunlight falling through […]

Crumbling Illusions

You are this figment, this echo repeating my name. I see you in shadows, in haunted roads and invisible moments forgotten along with the past. My life is lived in this insane retrospect because its prospects are so undefined, so abstract and ambiguous. I look ahead by looking behind and it’s turning me into a […]

Conversations in My Head

“Say you’ll remember me. Say that you will kiss me again even if it’s just a lie.” With my head on your chest, your heart beats, rhythmic sounds that scramble my own pounding heart, and I touch your cheek and make you promise. “Say you won’t forget these tangled moments where we lived forever in […]

Love and Obscurity

Beauty hides everywhere but love is rare, precious in its obscurity of knowing yet not knowing. But I see it sometimes, underneath coffee shop awnings and in hot steamy cups. It’s there in those moments before the sky cracks open with summer rain. You can find it in long weekends away and cozy blankets on […]