Happy Birthday 

I often wonder what you remember, which moments you relive when you think of us, which stills stayed all this time. Today, I remembered the last day. The drive near the ocean, windows down, my arm pressing back against the wind while guitar music floated out of the speakers. It was that one song, the […]

Summer Love

Her white thighs stuck to the black upholstery that had been baking under Florida’s sun, and she scrunched up her nose at the sudden shock of it. The car was hot but she was hotter, and he couldn’t take his eyes away. *** This was written in response to the Wicked Word Wednesday prompt, upholstery. I […]


I have driven thirty minutes to work, every day, for the past four years, and sunrises fill my morning commute. Pinks and yellows and reds ignite the dawn sky making the miles fly on rosy wings. It’s beautiful. Really. My words fog and evaporate next to the high desert sunrise. But that’s not why I’m […]


She wants the road, to drive against the rushing wind. She can feel the warm breeze from the open window caressing her cheeks. The freedom of the journey walks through her body and tickles the souls of her feet. The music pounds through the speakers sending memories adrift in her mind. Salt dreams float through […]