We lie.

We lie. We walk around in zombie shoes and smile like it’s real, like it’s not just another day pretending, like it’s not slowly killing us. How do we know we’re ever truly happy? Is it just a personality thing to wonder, “what if?” Or is it a human thing, like it’s built into our […]

May 16th

Facebook just told me that today is the day you apologized. Three years ago, you sent a message claiming to want penance for the pain you caused but instead you caused me more because if today is the day you said you’re sorry, then tomorrow is the day you took it back. ~Patience~ Facebook Twitter

Imperfectly Perfect: Love and the Movies

  Dear Johnny, I keep writing these letters and thoughts because I keep imagining my life from a different perspective.  I see us together, living near the beach, me teaching and you cooking.  These images are blurry, like I’m watching them through a rain-covered window, and I’m angry that I don’t know the reality of […]