Growing Up

If I could choose, I would remember white fences with green grass penned behind it and warm sun rays heating my skin to the beet red of summer. If I could choose, I would remember family vacations and long stretches of highway, Madonna blasting in my headphones and dozens of tiny chipmunks scurrying up my […]

The Leaving

I’m tired of broken hearts, shattered reflections of empty vessels we used to call family, friends, kin. I watch their ghostly images float by on notes echoing from tinny speakers playing memories across a full room filled with strangers pretending to know each other, and I am lost amongst these curtains, these holes where my […]

The Leaving

Twisted knots, fluttering sick, these bitches won’t stop jumping on my guts. It’s the leaving. It’s why I’m so caught up. The waving eyes and watery stares that say goodbye so soon after hello. I’ve been left so much, I don’t appreciate the stays, the I’m heres, the forevers that get tossed my way. I […]

Empty Houses

These blank walls used to hold photos framed with family. Wandering through empty houses is like strolling through graveyards of broken hearts and birthday parties and unexpected visits. Rooms with scarred paint and cracked fixtures that once held all the teenage angst in the world. Houses are sort of like hearts– when we leave, our […]