Me…and You

Who are we,really,in this timeof lost and colliding,this momentof awake and distant? Am I this versionall twisted insidethis other self,this beingwho wants freedomyet finds such tragic comfortin the safety of control? Pieces of me fall away,drift out and crashonly for my fingers to fumbleas I stick them back to placesthey don’t belong while you watch […]

Growing Up

If I could choose, I would remember white fences with green grass penned behind it and warm sun rays heating my skin to the beet red of summer. If I could choose, I would remember family vacations and long stretches of highway, Madonna blasting in my headphones and dozens of tiny chipmunks scurrying up my […]

She Is A Hurricane

She is a hurricane, spiraling winds wrapped up in waterfalls of rain, and she can’t stop falling, pouring herself out onto streets and cars and houses. She winds up her thoughts with gale force facts and spews them at whoever won’t listen because no one really does. Her eyes bleed invisible tears that plummet onto […]

The First

Suddenly, old is new again, and I’m not sure how it happened. Like fate or kismet or some kind of coincidence that can’t be coincidental. I remember his strong hands, the arms that held me up, that pushed me down and made me feel alive when I seemed underwater, when I seemed lost in trying […]


Our passion painted the windows with our breath, our steam, our release after so much wanting, so much heat that the rain outside felt warm instead of pinpricks of ice on my skin. Feeling your flesh flat against mine, it was as if the summer sun pounded against my body instead of the dark drops […]

On Fire

It’s not about commitment or love or even attraction. It’s about simply feeling something. When he puts his hands on me, his mouth against my skin, he makes me feel because I don’t anymore. I feel anxious and sad and scared, but that’s it. I walk around in those three modes and exist. But when […]