Fighting: A Conversation in My Head

“I want to give you everything you’ve ever wanted.” “Why?” “Because I want to. Because I have to.” “I’ve missed you so much.” “I’ve missed you more.” “Not true.” “You want to fight me?” “Shut up.” “Then come here.” “Why are you looking at me like that?” “What do you mean?” “You stop sometimes and […]

Beer and Movies

The damp southern air slid over her skin creating a slick layer of ocean mixed with sweat on her arms. She looked out the car window for the distant breeze rustling the palms across the way and wondered at the idea that she was finally there or here, if she wanted to get technical. The […]

Goodbye: A Conversation in My Head

“It’s over now, isn’t it?” “Yes, I believe so.” “All of it? The talking too? Because that’s what I miss out of everything.” “We can still talk. How are you dealing with the rest of it?” “Better than I could be. Worse than I should be.” “How do you mean?” “I mean that it hurts, […]

The Kiss

She’s there and crying, her mascara staining her cheeks, and you think she’s never been more beautiful. Her sadness paints her face in sunset colors, her green eyes sparkling with pain. Through her tears, she holds on, exclaiming her need for home, for a place full instead of fake, and you hold her, trace her […]

Empty Dreams

He could feel her breath lingering on his cheek, the taste of her staining his lips. How many centuries had he lived without the touch of her fingertips igniting his heart from ashes into billowing flames that licked the world with their heat? Afraid to open his eyes for fear of losing this suspension of […]

Cold Tea and Ghosts

The tea and toast were stone-cold, but she didn’t notice. How could she, when he was there? His shadow wavered in the evening gloom, flickering against the striped wallpaper of the parlor. Jane sat, transfixed by the movement near the window. Her skin had broken out in goose flesh as the eerie phantom danced in […]