Transient Prisoner

By Patience and Christopher Rupley My thoughts contain a tick-tock eternal, a reminder that the arrow of time is my friend and my enemy, piercing me wildly, relentlessly until my body gives in or up, I can’t quite tell, because the tidy clock with its neat little ticks keeps reminding me of the gone, and […]

The Red Balloon

I wrote you a story about a red balloon that escaped from a carnival show. It had always imagined a life on the road, twisting and tumbling through a world made of wishes, but it could never escape the clutches of the clowns, their white painted faces and dirt painted hands gripping and curling his […]


Innocent hands play children’s games and pretend to be grown up. They scatter rainbows amongst open hearts while craving independent moments of knowing what to strive for, of choosing destiny instead of reality. Puerile patterns dance on youthful cheeks of those just learning to flap their wings, while longings for adulthood hang them precariously between […]


She wants the road, to drive against the rushing wind. She can feel the warm breeze from the open window caressing her cheeks. The freedom of the journey walks through her body and tickles the souls of her feet. The music pounds through the speakers sending memories adrift in her mind. Salt dreams float through […]