Conversations in My Head: Confessions

“You look different.” “Of course I do. Did you expect the same girl? Really?” “But you are the same girl.” “I guess. I mean, we’re the same in a sense, but different too. You’re not the same, but I didn’t point it out.” “I know.” “So,” “So. I didn’t think it’d be so weird, you […]

Out, Out

We burned below a frozen sky, transfixed by futures we’d never live. Don’t out, brief light; we’re not done yet. Don’t burn brief, oh light, oh love. Don’t fall fast, oh you, oh me. The night burned black, crowding me with nothing. Your light flashed, smoldering, carrying me home. Your eyes smoldered like candles in […]

All the Things…

It’s all the things… We haven’t done or been or dreamed. We haven’t found or wanted or loved. It’s all the people… We haven’t touched or reached or seen. We haven’t held or kissed or loved. It’s all the needs… We haven’t shown or expressed or let go. We haven’t tried or sang or fought […]