Invisible Shadows 

I picked you up, but you were already gone– already gray with time, dusty with forgetfulness, and I wondered when you had become so lost, so torn and broken that even love couldn’t save you. And your lifeless skin laid bare across my own staunch repose– chilling slumber that whites out my eyes, and justifies […]

Cold Tea and Ghosts

The tea and toast were stone-cold, but she didn’t notice. How could she, when he was there? His shadow wavered in the evening gloom, flickering against the striped wallpaper of the parlor. Jane sat, transfixed by the movement near the window. Her skin had broken out in goose flesh as the eerie phantom danced in […]


Your eyes are singing to me in my sleep. Dreamy melodies drift from your gaze and serenade me with promises of nighttime love that won’t come true but still, I listen. When skies turn grey, you keep my heart wrapped up in yours, soothing my bitter ache even though your arms are apparitions in the […]

Empty Houses

These blank walls used to hold photos framed with family. Wandering through empty houses is like strolling through graveyards of broken hearts and birthday parties and unexpected visits. Rooms with scarred paint and cracked fixtures that once held all the teenage angst in the world. Houses are sort of like hearts– when we leave, our […]