I think you might be lonely. In my daydreams, I see you in dark rooms, playing soft rhythms that swirl around you like the smoke from your cigarette. You’re alone, there in that room, more often than not. You can’t seem to be unless alcohol boils through your blood, unless there is a barrier between […]

Warm Chords

I never hear a guitar without thinking of you. The music takes me to those hot days in early summer when you played for me in the back room of your parents’ house. I am trapped watching your fingers move, your deftness a surprise and the melody washing me in warmth different than the sun, […]

The Cure

Every time I hear that song, that one by The Cure. It’s about pictures and sadness, and I can feel it under my skin, pressing on my eyeballs, threatening guitar-string tears and slow riff sighs. It’s you, there, with a box, in a room, staring at pictures and believing they’re real, and me pressing repeat, […]

Your Guitar

Notes crescendo in sparkling bursts of clashing rhythms leaving me breathless. Words drift up from your fingertips and I see your pain as your shoulders rise with the music, your chest heaves with the beat. Each chord beckons and breathes and I wonder why you ever speak at all when you scream so loudly when […]


I keep hearing sorrow in the strings, their anguished melodies flying from fingers attached to hands belonging to hearts stretched out in the agony of music played for deaf ears. These mourning tunes apply the balm of memory and remind me of songs I’ve never heard and riffs I’ve never watched you play. I listen […]