I Am Made of Letters

Dear Johnny, I can’t talk about you without crying. I once heard that you will know you’re over something when you can talk about it without crying. It’s been fifteen years since I’ve seen your face, touched your skin, felt your breath on my neck, your lips wandering down my spine. And I still cry. […]

Threads and Anchors

Dear Johnny, I want to write you the most beautiful letter, one so perfect that you can’t help but see me. I want to find the words that will convince you to show me your heart, to tell me the pieces you’ve lost and the ones you hope to find. This is all, of course, […]

Conversations in My Head: Confessions

“You look different.” “Of course I do. Did you expect the same girl? Really?” “But you are the same girl.” “I guess. I mean, we’re the same in a sense, but different too. You’re not the same, but I didn’t point it out.” “I know.” “So,” “So. I didn’t think it’d be so weird, you […]

My Words

My words were borne from us, from moments you gave me, from the letters I sent in hopes you’d read them and smile. Those late nights writing about my days began this need to say, to speak, to record, and those letters grew into this. These aching poems penned because you read my letters, kept […]


I’m the queen of drafting and forgetting. I write letters and odes, and then watch them wither and die in the dusty blog archives and flash drive wastelands. They wait for inspiration, for remembering, for something more than they are. They never find satisfaction, and, yet, they stay, sheltered in shadow and hovering just below […]

Like Cliffs

Sometimes my words feel fake, empty like pages and cemeteries, blank like walls and faces. I think I have some sort of profundity writhing in my veins, but then I read and see simple like Sundays and sunsets, ordinary like living and dying, something everyone sees instead of glimpses into extraordinary. These words seem dull […]