Even in the darkness, I am yours. When we are lost, wandering roads cobbled in vacant thoughts, frozen moments, when we are alone, warmth receding from our needy grasps, even then, I am yours. In shadows and fog, in corners and fields, when nothing persists beyond sadness and gloom, I am yours. These dreams you […]

Tiny Sadness

It’s strange to feel and not feel at the same time. I am so sad. This despondency hovers but does not dissipate. No tears fall to cleanse me of my sorrow. No screams rip from my aching throat releasing me of all this pain. Instead, I’m quiet. The agony bubbles beneath and oozes out in […]

Don’t Stop Believing or Maybe I Should Start 

I wish I could actually believe in myself. At least a little. I have no confidence. Or what I do have is in tatters. I can’t find the good. At all. And it’s so stupid because part of me is like, “Of course, I’m fucking amazing. How dare you think otherwise?” But then I think, […]