Interval or The Space Between Things 

Sometimes I wonder about the space between things, the intervals between here and there, far and near, the minutes or footsteps stretched out or compressed. At times, we are so close, the space encompassing inches instead of miles, and then we float away, thousands of steps left before our fingers meet again. And the space […]

Used To

I’ve gotten used to looking at your face in this distant way. I see you through glass and never beyond it, never inside seeing you like I used to. I watch you through lenses of miles and secrets and I can never crack through the barriers lying between us. I’m used to the distance, the […]


I missed you with wet-window goodbyes and autumn colors whispered through foggy panes. *** You know what day it is. Thursday! Here’s my entry (made just in time). I’ve had a rough day, so I didn’t put enough thought into it. I literally wrote this in like 5 minutes, so I’m sorry if it underwhelms. […]

An Imaginary Conversation

“God, you are so broken, so torn and battered that you can’t even see yourself anymore. What happened to destroy you so perfectly? How did you get so shattered?” “I keep trying to answer that, trying to figure it out, but I’m too destroyed to think. I play and I drink and I bury myself […]


I think it was shock, the real kind. The kind you get after trauma. Shallow breathing, sweat and chills. I couldn’t see and I felt grateful for the long ride between stops because I couldn’t walk. The old woman sitting next to me rubbed my back and whispered soothing words in Spanish. I remember wondering […]