We sat close, and I thought I might die if you didn’t touch me, but then your hands were on my face and pulling me beneath you, your skin hot, your lips hotter. I can’t remember what happened next because I thought I might die if you stopped touching me, and you didn’t, not for […]


Dear Johnny, I have this thing with wishing. I wish on everything from stars to railroad tracks to running yellow lights, but I seem to wish most upon the clock. Every time I see 2:22 or 5:55, I wish, but the prime time for wishing always comes at 11:11. I’m pretty sure all teenage girls […]

Linger (or In Dreams)

I hate those dreams, the ones that linger and stumble into memory. The dreams that follow you like smoke and stick to your skin like winter. I hate them because you barrel back to me, rapid fire fragments of your face, your hands, those eyes I can’t quite remember but can never forget. I hate […]