Between the Lines

I had (have) feelings, so that’s why it’s different. And I thought you did too because you sort of (your head on my chest) said you did in between the words (and out loud) you didn’t say, and now your silence (deafening) screams in my face. I was wrong (as always). You say it’s fine […]

Someone Else 

I’m lost and the pieces I leave pile up, fan out, confuse and rearrange. Still, I’m broken and I wish I could be someone else, someone like Maria, like the girl who talks to angels, Diana or Maggie Mae, instead of me, this half person who keeps fading, fading, fading until nothing is left but […]

Are You There?

“Are you there?” The wind whines through the darkness, lashing the shutters and singing through ancient cracks in the walls. “Are you there?” Whispered words roll from silent tongues like ice melting in spring, but no answers come. No shelter for this wandering bark. Only storms and winter hidden behind the fog. “Are you there?” […]