Small Things

“It’s the small things I remember most, like how she loved  to take pictures.  Of everything. It’s strange how I can still see the light bloom in her eyes when she saw something beautiful. I was always the kind of guy who just let the moment sink into a memory, but she always wanted to […]

Dying in Technicolor 

It guts you, leaves you strewn across floors, bleeding in technicolor, your vibrations pulsing in oranges and reds, washing thunderclouds in blue paint, tearing holes in whole places, and leaving pigment where your bones should be. True love kills while it awakens, deals pain in parallel with pleasure, and it hurts. You bleed, and it […]


When I’m with you, my skin is electricity, the air is lightning, your voice a rumble like thunder in my veins. Every nerve ending screams with raw need and the world glows in carnival colors, sparks soaring through invisible space. I can feel everything, every piece of this moment. When I’m with you, I am […]

Like Fiction

I built you from snapshots and movie stills, and I watched you turn into fiction, your bones becoming paper stained with tears and words you’ll never read. You were a novel crafted til you reached perfection, that pedestal of hope that never really existed outside these fantasy pages. I turned us into poetry, into stanzas […]