Happy Birthday 

I often wonder what you remember, which moments you relive when you think of us, which stills stayed all this time. Today, I remembered the last day. The drive near the ocean, windows down, my arm pressing back against the wind while guitar music floated out of the speakers. It was that one song, the […]


Your music is the madness in your soul, a transfiguration of poetry your fingers can’t write, a symphony of words your voice can’t say. *** Someone shared this old tweet of mine on Twitter today, and I’ve gotten a crazy amount of traffic there. Anyway, I just keep reading it and realizing how much I […]

Behind Windows

We loved behind windows and created movies from momentary memories, reliving our touches through music, through washed out pictures that tout fantasy instead of reality. The pieces floated through life, our story colliding into fiction complete with tragic endings and suitcases of regret. And that’s how it’s been–homesickness and false hopes and aching nostalgia mixed […]


I think you might be lonely. In my daydreams, I see you in dark rooms, playing soft rhythms that swirl around you like the smoke from your cigarette. You’re alone, there in that room, more often than not. You can’t seem to be unless alcohol boils through your blood, unless there is a barrier between […]

Warm Chords

I never hear a guitar without thinking of you. The music takes me to those hot days in early summer when you played for me in the back room of your parents’ house. I am trapped watching your fingers move, your deftness a surprise and the melody washing me in warmth different than the sun, […]

The Cure

Every time I hear that song, that one by The Cure. It’s about pictures and sadness, and I can feel it under my skin, pressing on my eyeballs, threatening guitar-string tears and slow riff sighs. It’s you, there, with a box, in a room, staring at pictures and believing they’re real, and me pressing repeat, […]