Bad Choices Meet Anxiety

It’s pulling me, dragging me, yanking my skin from my bones in tiny tremors, and I can’t stop doing things to make it worse. Each step ignites even more aching shudders, ones that drive spikes into my eyes until I scream out, knowing that each bite is my own, each sour drop of pain began […]

Want Versus Have

I want your hands on every part, on every space that makes me. I need your rough fingers digging into my back, grabbing my chin, pulling me in for the kiss that will end me. I need abandon, reckless passion where we aren’t sure which of us is which. I want twisted sheets and twined […]


This anxious melancholy cloisters me, wraps me up in breath-taking blankets. It’s stealing my light and dulling the trees, stars, voices. So much sprinting through my mind, back and forth, back and forth, incessant pacing between thoughts, and I can’t keep up with myself. I’m suffocating on self-inflicted wounds that run the length of me, […]