When I’m with you, my skin is electricity, the air is lightning, your voice a rumble like thunder in my veins. Every nerve ending screams with raw need and the world glows in carnival colors, sparks soaring through invisible space. I can feel everything, every piece of this moment. When I’m with you, I am […]

He Looked at Her

And then he looked at her.  After the talk had died away, he directed his gaze to her, exploring her face, her soul with his eyes, and she could feel him inside her, his words, his fingers, his mind. Her insides flipped over, and warmth spread out from her bellybutton and down her legs. Her […]


I need your energy, your vibrations, your naked skin under my hands. I need to touch your heat, that obsession pumping through your muscles, harmonizing your bones and flesh, making you hum. Every time you laugh, my heart tears, it rips, my soul shreds under your happiness, the happiness I so crave to feel, to […]


Your hands glide over my skin, hover just above touch, and my body begs for your rough mouth, your fingers around my wrists, your weight against me, pressing me into submission. Each breath catches, a tangle of heartbeats and tongues exploring hot places. Limbs twisting, bodies merging, and I feel the swell of anticipation, sweet […]


Your words skim my skin, touching my insides, reaching for what has vanished. They still probe like fingers, digging for purchase, planting memories like flower gardens. I’m letting go, giving in to your will, to the char, the ash. Your letters leave me folded, spent, in cinders, a molten puddle of desire. And you do […]