It’s strange how we remember things differently, how people choose moments to keep and others to lose. Like the anticipation of a kiss, our lips brushing, our bodies touching, but never fully reaching a kiss. That night I forgot about in the back of that truck on the way home from a drive-in movie. How […]


A voice from the past, from behind doors I’ve locked in triplicate, coming through on white screens, this voice that asks, “What are you doing?” while I’m left wondering, “Why am I answering?” And I don’t know why except that it feels almost like it would feel if it were you and not him. If […]

The Things We Keep

A necklace and some seashells they collected from the beach. Some snapshots in an album she can’t seem to throw away– the things she keeps. A box of time-worn letters and a CD abandoned when she left. One photo where he holds her and smiles– the things he keeps. What do these things, these leftovers […]

He Asks, She Answers: A Conversation

“That was us, wasn’t it?” “What?” “That movie montage. The one of all their moments. C’mon. You saw it.” “Yeah. So?” “That was us. Once. Wasn’t it?” “Maybe.” “I think that’s why I can’t move on.” “What do you mean? A movie montage? Explain.” “Well, I guess that’s how I see us, all full of […]

Another Conversation in My Head

“I like who you turned out to be.” “What does that mean?” “Well, it means, I like how you embrace life, how you love craft beer and wilderness hikes. How you play guitar at night when no one can hear.” “I always liked those things. It’s not something new.” “I know. It’s just that I […]