The Shedding of Pieces 

The things we leave behind are also the things we carry. We slough off the people and places we outgrow, shake free from stale ideas and antique dreams, yet these fragments we try to lose are the scaffolding on which we live, grow, love, die. Without the shedding of pieces, we would not be ourselves, […]


Deserted, decayed, and distorted from the glittering gods of the past, they wait with empty eyes and cavernous maws. Wild vines stretch and crack and tangle between concrete remnants of discarded consumerism. Abandoned amongst tract homes and parking lots, weather and Mother Earth reclaim their property. Silence suffocates the emptiness in the overwhelming waste of […]


Everything is for connection. Our words, our movements, our choices. We seek to touch, hold, feel each other through any means we can grasp. Yearning for fingertips, lips, ears– we search for translation without underestimation. We desire foundation without frustration. Connection merged with appreciation, of our thoughts, our beauty, our individuality. But, devices distract and […]