Small Things

“It’s the small things I remember most, like how she loved  to take pictures.  Of everything. It’s strange how I can still see the light bloom in her eyes when she saw something beautiful. I was always the kind of guy who just let the moment sink into a memory, but she always wanted to […]


It’s harder to write than to key because our handwriting shows our pain in the strokes. Wavy, inconsistent, faltering letters reveal our tragedy, our heartache. The reader feels the tears in each curl and hesitation. Hearts laid bare in a handful of lines, and you have this pain in your hands. Each time you read […]


Frosted trees, iced like pastries in a shop window. Wintery white shot through with glitter and the world becomes something else entirely. Hoarfrost hangs from heavy branches whose frozen fingers brush the snow. ============== I think hoarfrost has encased my heart. Frozen memories trap me like tree limbs handcuffed in ice. Like the world, I […]