Faded and New

You’re so unreal, so ethereal, so faded and new at the same time. It’s like looking at an old photo, its edges fraying and tarnished, yet it’s a moment of shine, of good, of perfect, glossy and retouched yet dingy and old. That’s what you are– a movie of immaculate moments looping, a gif rewinding […]

We lie.

We lie. We walk around in zombie shoes and smile like it’s real, like it’s not just another day pretending, like it’s not slowly killing us. How do we know we’re ever truly happy? Is it just a personality thing to wonder, “what if?” Or is it a human thing, like it’s built into our […]

In The First Place

I wonder what you do on your walk to work. Or maybe you drive. I see your head bopping along with the rhythms pumping through your earbuds, your muscles tensing as the guitar screams alongside the pounding bass, drums beating faster and faster until it’s a part of your skin, music running through your blood, […]