Our passion painted the windows with our breath, our steam, our release after so much wanting, so much heat that the rain outside felt warm instead of pinpricks of ice on my skin. Feeling your flesh flat against mine, it was as if the summer sun pounded against my body instead of the dark drops […]

Water, Two Ways

You refract through me like raindrops catching rainbows, piercing me with light. **** Water crushing roads, folding cities into stones– storms made from my love. **** I have found myself a part of the WordPress Blogging U for their poetry workshop. The theme was water, the form was haiku, and the device was simile. I […]

Dark Rainbows

These rainstorms keep beating this dirt into mud and trees are crashing through windows. The shards slice these fingers but the clutching won’t stop. The bleeding won’t stop. These crimson pieces of me mix with the torrential spray and I wonder where I begin and it ends and you play your songs to empty lenses […]


I dreamed of snow falling, soft whispers of longing spelled out in your breath and your footsteps made echoes of paper mache kisses trapped in sunset beaches and locked in hearts without keys. We walked in the white until it turned into sand and we floated between the floors of heaven and land where wishes […]