Spinning the minutes over and over, the words spiraling into such nonsense, into what you wished you’d said, that truth blends with desire, and I have no idea what really happened anymore. I’m an obsesser, an over-thinker to the point of disaster. I watch the moments tumble around, clothes spinning in a dryer, memories melding […]

This Is My Life

Is this really my life? When I was little, I envisioned things differently. I don’t know of any child who dreams of poverty and ill-chosen love. “Oh, please send me misery and longing for missed chances when I grow up.” Like anyone ever said that. When I was five years old and starving for love […]

The Music Man

Music notes. A guitar riff–slow, fluid– plays heartbeats in the background. Stomach spins, bubbles building to a head-spinning high, and hot tears sting her eyes, a burning longing threatening to escape. She looks at him, sighs, steps outside for a smoke, memories of another sultry music man buried again. Written in response to the Weekly […]