She Is A Hurricane

She is a hurricane, spiraling winds wrapped up in waterfalls of rain, and she can’t stop falling, pouring herself out onto streets and cars and houses. She winds up her thoughts with gale force facts and spews them at whoever won’t listen because no one really does. Her eyes bleed invisible tears that plummet onto […]

Don’t Stop Believing or Maybe I Should Start 

I wish I could actually believe in myself. At least a little. I have no confidence. Or what I do have is in tatters. I can’t find the good. At all. And it’s so stupid because part of me is like, “Of course, I’m fucking amazing. How dare you think otherwise?” But then I think, […]

Good Enough

I don’t think that “not good enough ” feeling will ever go away. It’s every where I look. I hate mirrors because I don’t want to see what new horror my face holds. I look at my body as little as possible.  I never have enough money or stuff or brains or power. I have […]