Wanted: Guide to Life 

I need the instructions, a book to tell me what to do. Some sort of manual with directions not so obscure as religion and its insistence on faith. I don’t do faith. Life has taught me better. But a textbook would be nice, something with lessons and practical applications. Because I can’t see straight and […]

No. More.

A cavern. No. Bigger. A canyon cracked its way through my chest, and it cut my heart in half. Or maybe smaller. It bulldozed, slaughtered my heart, crumbled it into a million particles, and it drug them across my body and out into the air. Now I am holes. No. Emptier. Black holes of forgotten […]

Therapy: A Journal Entry

To those who listen: Today, I thought about writing a journal entry instead of a poem, but it’s different to write my thoughts without their metaphor blankets, to see my words bare and raw in their truth instead of swirled between symbols and line breaks, pauses and similes that hide what I’m really trying to […]


This pain twirls around me, twisting until my breath shortens, my eyes bulge. Fast and faster, beating hearts fill my brain and I am swirling in the whatever this is, this agony stemming from dead branches already uprooted and turned to trash. Pieces chunk to the ground, ice-chip pain plummeting into shattered images mirrored in […]

Gone–A Conversation in My Head

“It’s gone. All of it. The pieces, the flaws, all those tiny trademarks that made me. They’re gone. Everything.” “I know.” “But why?” “Who’s to say?” “How can that be your answer?” “It just is. Like all things, I suppose.” “I don’t know how I lost myself, how this person here with you is even […]


I’m sad and I’m missing you but I don’t really know who you are anymore. Which part do I long for? Whose arms can I almost feel enveloping me in warm safety, in serenity made from skin, from bones and soft eyes and all the things that make you human, that make you you? I’m […]

Don’t Stop Believing or Maybe I Should Start 

I wish I could actually believe in myself. At least a little. I have no confidence. Or what I do have is in tatters. I can’t find the good. At all. And it’s so stupid because part of me is like, “Of course, I’m fucking amazing. How dare you think otherwise?” But then I think, […]

A Little Truth 

I always feel so alone even when there are people everywhere. I always feel unwanted, broken, discarded, no matter the situation, and I’m not sure how to shake the negative self-talk, to use an overused buzz word. I’ve never felt strong even though I know I am, and that’s insane, right? To know yet not […]