The danger dances on my tongue. I can feel its liquid steps walking, stomping on my will, carousing with the butterflies in my belly, and I wonder if it’s always felt this way, if the craving always feels unsafe, warm but unknown, sweet but terrifying. Torture waltzes through my blood, and I realize it’s just […]

The Right Ones

I have thousands of words, millions really, that explain my heart, reveal my love, the feelings I can’t contain inside my small hands, my smaller heart. I read them, these lines I’ve made for you, and they are simple, beautiful at times, always sad, and I try to pick the right ones as if some […]


I am an island, remote and desolate, pieced together from flotsam and underwater mountains. Alone, separate, I am an island where nothing touches save the sea with its salty lips and acid tongue, and I am unreachable, spotless and distant, vast in my loneliness. I am an island, but so are you. With your righteousness […]

Busy Forgetting

We’ve talked almost every day for the past three months, and it’s hard to stop anticipating your voice, to stop waiting for the green light to flash, to stop wondering what you’ll say next because you won’t be saying anything next. You’ll be busy forgetting, or perhaps you already have, and I’ll be busy trying […]


His shadow split long ago into black and white, leaving him in the deep gray of in between. Each step tears him a bit more, and he can’t stitch himself back together quick enough to make a difference. His thread thins into gossamer, a line so tenuous it trembles as it binds, cracks as it […]

Maidens and Their Towers

We are towers or perhaps the maidens locked inside the towers. All we are is solitary hope, isolated dreams held captive, tormented by windows into out. Outside, out there, beyond these concrete walls and broken stairwells. We look in longing, in the exile we created. The open doors lead to closed windows, high in locked […]


Your gray eyes still haunt me with what’s outside. The carnival came only once. You left. Now my sadness is trapped in an exit. *** It’s Thursday again, and it’s time for Three Line Thursday. I submitted the last three lines after agonizing over various versions of the first bit. Hope you enjoy! 🙂 ~Patience […]