Are You There?

“Are you there?” The wind whines through the darkness, lashing the shutters and singing through ancient cracks in the walls. “Are you there?” Whispered words roll from silent tongues like ice melting in spring, but no answers come. No shelter for this wandering bark. Only storms and winter hidden behind the fog. “Are you there?” […]

The Ballad of The Boy Who Played the World

In the days when the lands were dark And orange moons circled above, There was a boy who carried the mark Of music and of love. His bones were formed from melodies That floated on his skin. His fingers held a remedy Made from strings and pen. But his ears fell deafly on the sounds […]

Take a Picture

“Take a picture,” he said, the white tassle of the Santa hat dangling in his eyes. I stared, not wanting him to see the desire hiding beneath my skin. His muscles tensed turning his tattoos into even more grotesque images of skulls and goblins, but I had always thought those pictures beautiful because they lived […]

The Love That Never Was

The love that never was has its own compartment in the closet inside my brain. This mystery drawer holds everything we never were, everything I hoped we could be. Inside, you can find our first vacation to The Keys to visit your grandmother. We walked along the beach, my hand in yours, as stars twinkled […]