I want men who refuse to speak. They shut down and disappear, run from me or the problem or something I can’t seem to see. Every one stares blank-faced, glassy-eyed and keeps his lips clamped tight, his brain behind countless locks, and I never seem to have the key. Maybe it’s because I have too […]

Silent Deaths

Your silence is killing me. These snippets and fractions of conversation have set me down on this ledge of infinite questions and I yearn for yours– for your unending queries into my mind, for your insatiable quest to burrow into my brain and unpack my secrets. You speak and hold back. You toy with me, […]


I think I’m over the absence infiltrating my days. It’s almost unbearable, the constant wondering when you aren’t wondering at all. It’s so fucking stupid. I want to throw things at the wall, at your head, and I’m getting pissed off. No. I am pissed off and I don’t really have a right or a […]


When all the noise stops, when the talking and whispers and screams cease, I hear you. Your voice floating through me like warm bathwater, soothing the weight of words I carry in my swollen hands. When there is only silence, your laugh consumes me like a fire eats the air. Your fingers graze my cheek, […]

Slow Suffocation

  The tears don’t stop running down my dirty, guilty, polluted face. The hardest part of losing is not knowing why, not understanding the reasons behind my heart bleeding, bulging, breaking into pieces right in front of your eyes. Your mahogany eyes once tilted my head back and silently whispered tendrils of temptations only satiated […]