Sleep isn’t easy with the wind pouring through me, laying waste to my insides, my bones weathered into dust and my heart rusting in its bed. There’s a whole lot to say about people who live in boxes, those who love on shelves, and I’m tired of keeping my eyes open for salvation, tired of […]


Words have always been easy for me. I don’t struggle to find voice or substance in my speech, my language, but I’ve learned to watch my words, be careful, mindful because my words influence, impact, initiate thought in others. My job has changed my voice, silenced me the way time has, the way relationships have. […]

Righteous Immorality

I feel unhinged, bitterly appalled by your unintelligible askance concerning the riveting thoughts I posses, the ones that hunt down your failed ideologies, crush your illusions of aptitude, and force you to retrace the lines in the mazes you create These questions and reasonings playing jump rope with my mind deserve attention, grace and consideration, […]