My scars creep out from beneath my sleeves, and I’m choking on the ropes wrapped around my neck. They bite and twist, leaving their red marks on my throat because they, like you, only care for the pain, yet I sing out from the gallows as the rope cinches tighter about me, while the water […]

Silent Deaths

Your silence is killing me. These snippets and fractions of conversation have set me down on this ledge of infinite questions and I yearn for yours– for your unending queries into my mind, for your insatiable quest to burrow into my brain and unpack my secrets. You speak and hold back. You toy with me, […]


You would have known that I wasn’t done, that I wasn’t satisfied, that my craving wasn’t fulfilled. You would have stayed until I was, until my body trembled, grew rigid, screamed out in release. You would have made sure you gave me what I came for. Instead, I walk away, one more time, with desire […]

Trapped Like Bugs

I don’t want him in my head, but he’s stuck like bugs on a windshield, like bears in traps, like feet in quicksand. And because he’s stuck, so am I. I can’t breathe and I keep shaking my head unconsciously, trying to shake him out, rid myself of his fingers crawling around in my brain. […]


You know you’re becoming addicted when the drug always sits on the edge of your thoughts, when you feel its colors floating up your veins, twisting its tentacles around your brain, weaving webs of control between your synapses. This is what drugs do. They grab on and dig in, and you can never escape the […]

Can’t Stop

I can’t stop but neither can you. A little reality and you’re asking for more. You want to make it stone, now, today. Sometimes you hesitate, your apprehension bubbling up and popping into your sentences like commas and dashes, but you always keep going, keep writing and demanding. You can’t stop even though you say […]


I keep thinking that something will happen, the rain will stop or maybe never end, and I’ll know the path, the answer, the direction I’m intended to drive. These mysteries in my heart are poisonous, nefarious, dastardly in their completeness. I’m trapped by haunting desires and moments that hover, just holding out for the rain […]


You are this microcosm, this universe unto itself. Your gravity pulls, yanks bodies into its system, into its depths, and they can never escape your attraction. You swim in possibility, frozen lakes a mile wide, and you stare at me like I’m naked, like I’m evidence, as if you can see every crack in my […]