Summer Love

Her white thighs stuck to the black upholstery that had been baking under Florida’s sun, and she scrunched up her nose at the sudden shock of it. The car was hot but she was hotter, and he couldn’t take his eyes away. *** This was written in response to the Wicked Word Wednesday prompt, upholstery. I […]


Flecks of sunlight freckling your cheeks, a splash of black water, and wood splinters beneath my fingers. You smile, leap, land, mud squishing under your soles, and laughter fills the wind coming in from the east. The fire crackles and kids smoke pot in the woods. Alcohol-eyes blur the world into the perfect hello and […]

Sometimes It’s Noon

Sometimes it’s three am and the walls look like phantoms or memories. I’m not sure which. Then it’s noon and I wonder why the sun is so bright when the shadows are so dark. Sometimes it’s raining and your voice pitter-patters on my rooftop, singing alongside the drops. Before I can think, it’s hot and […]