Your gray eyes still haunt me with what’s outside. The carnival came only once. You left. Now my sadness is trapped in an exit. *** It’s Thursday again, and it’s time for Three Line Thursday. I submitted the last three lines after agonizing over various versions of the first bit. Hope you enjoy! 🙂 ~Patience […]


Out there, waves call, beckon these broken hearts to find mending, to reach the ocean of absolution. Sometimes absence doesn’t mean left. Sometimes alone doesn’t mean lonely. Sometimes adrift doesn’t mean lost. *** Yes, you know what I’m going to say. It’s Thursday! Time for Three Line Thursday. I submitted the last three lines, but […]


I missed you with wet-window goodbyes and autumn colors whispered through foggy panes. *** You know what day it is. Thursday! Here’s my entry (made just in time). I’ve had a rough day, so I didn’t put enough thought into it. I literally wrote this in like 5 minutes, so I’m sorry if it underwhelms. […]

Out of the Dark

We flicker in the darkness, you and I, all broken and unsure, but we still dance beneath the flames, you and I, all bright and never-ending. Every poem–scratching my way out of the darkness. Every line–a cry for requiem. Every word–my heart splayed out, bleeding pain into the ether. You flicker and smoke in the […]


Easter and we picked daisies while we watched one close and another open. We said goodbye while grass grew beneath our feet. *** It’s Thursday again, and it’s time for Three Line Thursday! I’m not in love with this, but I’m so tired from work (spirit/homecoming week) that this is all I’ve got. Enjoy! ~Patience […]

Slate Sea

“This is the end,” you said, your eyes pinned on the slate sea. “I know,” I replied, gripping your hand as if it were your heart, hoping we were wrong. I watched, helpless, as you walked to the end of the pier. I knew only that I loved you beyond the vastness of the sea, […]