Interval or The Space Between Things 

Sometimes I wonder about the space between things, the intervals between here and there, far and near, the minutes or footsteps stretched out or compressed. At times, we are so close, the space encompassing inches instead of miles, and then we float away, thousands of steps left before our fingers meet again. And the space […]

It Happened–A Conversation in My Head

“The sun will go down soon.” “When?” “An hour or less.” “So that’s how much time we have?” “Yes.” “I don’t think it will be long enough.” “For what?” “To show you, to tell you-” “Tell me what?” “How it all felt like a dream, one where you don’t want to wake up. How you […]

Fragments of Permanence

My brittle mind walks these empty, gutted halls alone, my thoughts as dusty as the corroded steel outlining the heart of this once vibrant locale. These narrow alleys won’t help me evade this desert sand beneath my soles, this ash-made air clogging my throat and turning my feet into bricks. Trudging slowly, transfigured, I share […]