Your music is the madness in your soul, a transfiguration of poetry your fingers can’t write, a symphony of words your voice can’t say. *** Someone shared this old tweet of mine on Twitter today, and I’ve gotten a crazy amount of traffic there. Anyway, I just keep reading it and realizing how much I […]

We lie.

We lie. We walk around in zombie shoes and smile like it’s real, like it’s not just another day pretending, like it’s not slowly killing us. How do we know we’re ever truly happy? Is it just a personality thing to wonder, “what if?” Or is it a human thing, like it’s built into our […]


You perform a magic trick each time I hear your voice. My heart balloons with the helium of love but words are your weapon until you vanish, yanking them into the dark and leaving me black and starless. Your controlled negligence is glorious insanity, a reckless waste, but the cracks are cracking and your love […]

Smoke and Sunsets

These covert conversations and secret spy games exhaust my always weary eyes as I search for us down every weathered path. I reach for smoke in a twilight moment suspended between absence and awe while you use mirrors to hide our light amongst the ashes. I wake up next to you in another life where […]