I miss your breath or maybe the rise of your chest. I miss all the moments we never had, the white-sheet mornings layered with breakfast in bed and the sunset afternoons shot through with your sleepy eyes saying you love me. The shock of your laugh, its stillness in the middle of a sentence, and […]

21 Questions I Never Thought to Ask

How do you hold your knife because I can’t remember and which side of the bed is your favorite? I like the right and I think you like the left. I hate wondering these wonders because I know knowing will never be. But how do you drink your coffee: iced or hot, black or creamy […]

Empty Carts

It wouldn’t have worked out anyway. I tell myself these lies in hopes that my heart will eventually believe them, will eventually quell the pain that slowly circumnavigates my body and drives tiny splinters of missing underneath my chewed fingernails. That pain chauffers me to my next poem, my next letter or word. This verse […]