Bad Choices Meet Anxiety

It’s pulling me, dragging me, yanking my skin from my bones in tiny tremors, and I can’t stop doing things to make it worse. Each step ignites even more aching shudders, ones that drive spikes into my eyes until I scream out, knowing that each bite is my own, each sour drop of pain began […]


It’s always that damn green light flashing, blinking its way into my brain, making me remember what it’s like to be there and now here, reminding me what it’s like to miss someone, to wait for someone that will never come. It’s that fucking hope, the hazy shine pulsing in my dreams, calling, saying there’s […]


Whispers at first, murmurs that became gasping chances to say your name, to have someone hear my voice and not just my words. I spilled, my mouth clogging with confessions because the weight eased, the pain lessened, and you tumbled from my heart in fumbling recaps in hopes I wasn’t wrong, in hopes someone else […]