Write something. Anything. Just get the thoughts out. Spill them onto these blank screens and plaster the world with your faulty words, your flawed ideas that hold together each breath, each step because without them, you are empty. Without them, you are lost among forests of stories sprouting up through dirty lines of mishmashed text, […]

I Am Made of Letters

Dear Johnny, I can’t talk about you without crying. I once heard that you will know you’re over something when you can talk about it without crying. It’s been fifteen years since I’ve seen your face, touched your skin, felt your breath on my neck, your lips wandering down my spine. And I still cry. […]

Human: A Journal Entry 

To those who listen: It’s not the same anymore. I’m not excited in all the ways that matter. I’ve tried to be, to find ways to make me want to, to make me interested, but it’s like before. My body rejects people. Physically rejects them. When the heat is gone, the thing, whatever it might […]

Crowds: A Journal Entry 

To those who listen: This quote–it really gets me, like in all my sore places. Like each word drives another blade into my heart. Because I completely understand looking for someone who will never be there. I sat there, reading those lines again and again, and fat tears rolled down my face, those involuntary kinds […]

Someone Else: A Journal Entry

To those who listen: I can’t stop thinking about Johnny which is nothing new, but I keep wondering if I’d actually go, if I’d be better there, or if I’d still feel this listless wanting biting into my skin as each day pecks by, minutes on clocks forever rounding into the next mundane moment. Would […]

Therapy: A Journal Entry

To those who listen: Today, I thought about writing a journal entry instead of a poem, but it’s different to write my thoughts without their metaphor blankets, to see my words bare and raw in their truth instead of swirled between symbols and line breaks, pauses and similes that hide what I’m really trying to […]

Words Aren’t Enough 

My words aren’t good enough, right enough to explain how missing you fills my body, swims in my blood, eats through my skin until I’m nothing but a pile of empty. No words can depict how the lack of you burns me into heaps of embers choking on loss. Nothing I say can show you […]

Bones and Blood

If my bones could talk, they would beg you to listen, to speak so that they may hear and know relief from the ache that’s whitewater rafting down their insides, from the missing that eats away at their fragile structures until nothing remains but ashen dust. If my blood could talk, it would ask you […]

The Right Ones

I have thousands of words, millions really, that explain my heart, reveal my love, the feelings I can’t contain inside my small hands, my smaller heart. I read them, these lines I’ve made for you, and they are simple, beautiful at times, always sad, and I try to pick the right ones as if some […]