Impossibly Blue: A Memory

Port St. Lucie, Florida

Port St. Lucie, Florida Photo Credit: Patience


The sky beamed, its surface impossibly blue. The car sped along the coastal road past beach cottages with terra cotta shingles and stucco walls, past miles of endless beach stretched out like a lover sweetly caressing the oncoming waves.  This is my most vivid memory, my happiest memory, because it was my last day with him.

Pearl Jam’s Black thrummed through the speakers, mixing with the wind and floating out through the open window. I looked out at the sea, the ocean I would probably never gaze at again, and I closed my eyes trying to take a snapshot of this moment.  I could feel the sand between my toes and the warm water lapping at my feet.  I could hear his voice whispering in my ear.  I could feel his fingers brushing against my cheek and his lips slowly pressing into mine.

We had stopped at a quiet beach outside the city.  “This is my favorite place,” he said, his eyes twinkling in the bright sunshine.

“Okay, why’s it so special?” I asked.  It didn’t matter why it was special before because today would turn it into a place I would travel to whenever my life became too much to bear.  He took my hand, and I followed him down a sandy path edged with weathered wooden railings overgrown with sea grass and half buried in piles of white sand.

I stepped off the path, my breath catching in my throat.  The cerulean ocean stretched out before me, waves cresting and setting patches of white foam on the sandy shore.  “It’s beautiful,” I whispered, gripping his hand tighter.  A tear slipped down my cheek because I knew this was the best my life could ever hope to be.  His fingers holding mine, the salty sea in front of me and the green trees of my past far behind.  This could be my life, right here next to him until forever comes.

I knew that things could never be the same, would never be the same without him.  Once I walked onto that bus, losing him was inevitable.  My dreams are now made from sand and ocean, sea shell and sea grass.  I hear the wind blowing in my sleep, calling me back to him.  His voice whispers to me from my memories and beckons me to wake up, that the life I’m living is the dream and I will open my eyes with his kisses on my throat, his hand in mine.



Weekly Writing Challenge–I Remember

96 thoughts on “Impossibly Blue: A Memory

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  3. Oh I can so relate! Lost love, its feelings – like sand slipping fast and all you could do is to burn your memory with that brief sensation.
    Lovely Post – Congrats on being Freshly pressed.


    • That’s exactly how it feels–like when I try to look at the moment, my eyes slide over it hindering my focus and burying me in sorrow for something I can’t quite grasp. Thank you for your comment and your congratulations. Your comment is how I learned that I’d been Freshly Pressed. I can’t believe it! Amazing!


    • I hadn’t thought about the nature aspect until after I read your comment. Besides him, the sea, how it looked and smelled, are the most vivid in my memory. Thank you for your comment.


  4. Ghost of someone past. At the beach with seashells roaring in my ear. I hear the whispers but the sand reminds me of the grit of our relationship and so I drift out on the tide.


    • Lol! I honestly don’t remember if that’s the song that was playing, but I hear it when I go back to that moment. I love Pearl Jam! All day, every day! Exactly!


    • Me too! I didn’t think about that when I wrote it, but you’re right. Having a familiar sound in a piece helps to ground it and allows readers to visualize it. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂


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  6. You described such a fragile moment so beautifully. Captivating. I saw, and felt everything. Your words were really able to take me where you were in that moment. Great job. Never stop writing.


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  8. Wait, now I want to know why it was the last day. I’m trying to read and re-read. I too have one of my best memories ever in my life with a guy being stuck on a rock because as we walked along the beach, we didn’t notice high tide approaching. Great post!


  9. so many things hold meaning only with the presence of a few…else they are just blank canvasses/spaces. you have drawn a lovely sketch…congratulations on being freshly pressed and for sharing something so beautiful.


  10. This was so really touching and sweet….I loved the flow of feelings and pain ……. Really Really lovely ! After all memories are the things which never leave 🙂 I hope you are ding well 🙂 xx


    • Thank you so much for reading and enjoying my story. You’re right–memories are what make us who we are and are what we carry with us always. I’m doing well, and thanks again for the compliment and comment.


    • Thank you. I was trying to scoop up that moment and write it so that readers would feel the memory with me. I hope I succeeded. Thanks for reading and following! 🙂


  11. “My dreams are now make from sand and ocean, seashell and grass … ” beautiful written. Artful and gripping. Nicely done.


    • Wow! Thank you. I sometimes don’t know what to say to these comments. They are so lovely and it’s just so nice to know my words can move people or make them feel something. Thank you for such a wonderful comment. 🙂


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  13. You captured the intensity and beauty of the moments so well that I could hear and smell everything like I was there. I LOVE the ocean! Your feelings tugged on my heartstrings so deeply that I wondered why you had to get on that bus? It was a Scarlett and Rhett separation for me. I hope you get to revisit that location and many more – not just in your heart and dreams.


    • Wow! Thank you for such a great comment and compliment. I hope I will get to go back some day. I was only there for a visit, although he wanted me to stay forever, offered for me to stay forever. I just made the wrong choice, thinking obligations at home were more important than my own happiness. Thank you again for reading. 🙂


      • You must have incredible patience! Why do we make the choices we make? Why do we feel so chained to obligations that could be managed from afar or given to someone else? I hope someday you will be able to follow the love in your heart. We only live once. Get to doing what makes you happy because life’s too short to “what if” and “I should have” until death and opportunities in time runs out. I hope I’m not coming across anything but a hopeless romantic. 🙂


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